Using Social Media

social media

A growing number of Recruiters and organisations use Social Media to advertise roles, hunt for potential employees, and build up their brand. 

Recruiters use social media because it's generally free or cheap, their messages can reach a wide audience quickly, and it’s often very easy to research and target candidates online.

Showing that you are “social media savvy” is essential in some sectors.

Managing your digital footprint

Many employers check candidates’ online profiles whether it be via Google, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Your digital footprint will form part of the overall impression that the Recruiter/Employer has of you. 

Things that can give a bad impression of you:

  •      Poor grammar and spelling
  •      Inappropriate photos
  •      Lying about qualifications or experience
  •      Unprofessional screen names
  •      Racist, sexist or offensive comments

What you should try and show: 

  •      Excellent communication skills
  •      Professional image portrayed
  •      Good fit for company’s culture
  •      Wide range of interests
  •      Positive recommendations, achievements, qualifications, experience, awards etc.

To ensure you maintain a professional online profile:

  •      Don’t stop having fun! Simply consider how certain things can be interpreted by potential Recruiters/Employers. Is it a good idea to post that photo? Should you “un-tag” yourself from certain pictures? 
  •      Do a regular Google search on your name (while logged out of your social networking accounts) and look at the search results through the eyes of a potential recruiter. Clean up any “digital dirt” that you find. Remember that other people can sometimes add you to groups or post photos of you on social networking sites (particularly Facebook) without your consent or even knowledge.

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