Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be described as Facebook for business. You can join groups, add contacts, and view profiles of people and companies. It is the top global professional networking site and is an invaluable tool for students, graduates, and more experienced professionals, to network with recruiters and hunt potential future employers.

Employers are also using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, to find people like you. 

You can get started very quickly by following these steps:

  • Develop your LinkedIn profile: Look at other profiles for ideas of what to do. The LinkedIn profile wizard will guide you through step by step.
  • Build contacts: start with people who will already know you, then build outside your network. The Network building process is gradual and will take some time.
  • Join some LinkedIn groups: Sector groups, Alumni groups, Geographical networking groups.
  • Search for people and organisations: Research job vacancies, career paths, useful contacts etc.

Please view our Infographic below to help you start to utilise Linked In for your job search.