IT Services Case Study

Syntax has been working with a large IT Services Company for over 10 years.

By developing a strong relationship and completely understanding our client, we are able to work to the following high standards....

  • 300 contractors were placed in 2012 by Syntax
  • We carry out first stage telephone interviews on the behalf of the client on permanent roles.
  • Syntax consultants have been trained on the client’s internal interview skills training.
  • Syntax placed 95% of the roles that we received in 2012
  • We sent an average of 3 CV’s to each job that we filled
  • Average of 2 interviews booked, for every 3 CV’s we sent
  • Over 90% of the contractors were extended upon completion of their initial contract duration



The relationship started when in 2003 a manager was struggling to recruit the right contractor for his infrastructure team. At a time when there was significantly more demand for these skills than supply, the manager had tried several other historical suppliers with no success, so he turned to Syntax. We were able to supply 2 contractors known to us within 24 hours. Syntax went on to place 99% of all resources for this team with a 100% extension record. We have since gone on to become their lead supplier of contractors.


We have placed contractors covering the following skills:


  • BSF Project / Programme managers
  • Bid managers
  • Network managers
  • Operations Managers /Team Leaders
  • 1st/2nd/3rd service desk support
  • IT roll out engineers
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • Solution architects
  • DBAs
  • Infrastructure consultants
  • Application packaging engineers


Using Syntax’s approach to not only provide the most suitable but the best quality candidates we have been able to hone the process so that the CV to offer ratio is better than 3:1, the timescales are always achieved (usually within 24 hours) and most importantly the quality of the candidates we sourced meant that projects were delivered on time, avoiding any issues for our clients customers.



“My experience of Syntax is very positive.  They provide high quality candidates, sometimes at very short notice.  They make every effort to understand my requirements and always strive to meet budget rates.  I would recommend their contract recruitment service"

Service Delivery Manager