Contractor Guide

The Process...

It's really simple to enter your Timesheets and Expenses using our inTime web portal.

To help get you started, follow the steps below and read our Contractor's Guide at the bottom of this page...


1)  Logging-In:

You will first be asked to enter your username and password. You will receive these log-in details in 2 separate welcome emails.


2)  Submitting Timesheets:

  • Timesheets - this menu allows you to create new timesheets and drafts, as well as the ability to access an archive of previously submitted timesheets.
  • Profile Menu - provides the specific details of your placement, plus a My Details section where you can update your contact details.


3) Creating Timesheets:

  • To start, click create on the timesheet menu. You will then be prompted to select the placement you wish to enter times for and the 'week ending' date.
  • You can use the provided calendar popup to help you select the correct date.
  • Please note: timesheets must be entered no later than Monday at 5.00 pm
  • We do not process any future-dated timesheets. Please only submit timesheets for previous weeks.
  • Once you have done this, click OK to proceed.


Timesheet Pic 1

You will now be presented with a blank timesheet form:

Timesheet Pic 2

  • The basic rate is selected by default here, so you can start entering your times for each of the days you have worked.

  • The total hours (or hours claimed) is calculated automatically.

  • Please enter your time using hours and minutes. For example, 7 1/2 hours should be entered as 7.30.

  • Day Rates should be entered as the number ‘1’, which equals 1 working day.

  • If you work to different rates, (day rate, night rate, overtime rate etc), simply selected the appropriate item from the rates drop down.

  • The previously entered times will then move further down the screen allowing for more time to be entered in the Time Entry area.

  • When you have finished, click save. This will save the timesheet into your drafts area where you can still make changed to the timesheet.

  • Please note: this is not yet a submitted timesheet.


After saving your timesheet, you will be provided with 3 more options...

  • The Submit button will submit you draft timesheet for approval by your manager.

  • The Finish button will return you to the InTIME homepage (sometimes referred to as the control centre). Your timesheet will be saved but NOT submitted.

  • Finally, the Edit button will allow you to make changes to your draft timesheets.


If you are totally happy with your timesheet, you can click the Submit button. You will be presented with a warning stating that once submitted, you will not be able to modify this timesheet again, unless your manager rejects it because it contains errors or is inaccurate in some way.

Clicking "Yes" will submit your timesheet to your manager for approval. Clicking "No" will return you to the Control Centre again (without submitting the timesheet. This timesheet will go into drafts).


4)  Draft Timesheets:

  • If you have created timesheets and saved them previously (without submitting), you can still access it by clicking on the Drafts item in the Timesheet menu.
  • In order to modify (or submit) a timesheet click on the id number of the timesheet.
  • You will then be taken to the timesheet form described in the "Entering the Timesheets" section.
  • Please refer to these instructions to edit and submit your draft timesheets.


5)  Submitted Timesheets:

  • If you need to check details of your submitted timesheets, or to see if your manager has approved them, click “Unauthorised” on the Timesheet Menu.
  • Note that rejected timesheets will reappear in your “rejected” section and approved timesheets will appear in your “approved” section automatically. 
  • You can now view the status and summary of your submitted timesheet. Note that you can only modify rejected timesheets.


6)  Definitions:

  • Draft: A draft timesheet is one that you have created, saved but not yet submitted.

  • Submitted: A submitted timesheet is one that you have created and submitted for approval. Submitted timesheets cannot be modified, so ensure the details are correct before submitting.

  • Approved: An approved timesheet is one that has been approved by your manager for payment. This will be paid on the next relevant payment run.

  • Rejected: A rejected timesheet is one that has been rejected by your manager. This is usually because of incorrect hours. The manager may have provided a comment as to why the timesheet was rejected. Once rejected, the timesheet becomes a draft for editing and resubmitting. 


7)  Contractor Invoicing:

  • We operate a Self-Billing system where you will receive remittance.
  • Please read and accept the Self Bill agreement uploaded on our InTime portal for our Ltd contractors.
  • This means Syntax will generate Invoices on your behalf.
  • Otherwise, please contact your provider (i.e. Umbrella company).


If you need help, please contact our Accounts Team on 01332 287713 or by email