Manager's Guide

To authorise your Contractors' timesheets and expenses online please click here to access our InTime web portal...

Authorising contractors' timesheets and expenses couldn't be easier through our InTime portal.

You will first be asked to enter your username and password which will have already been emailed to you in 2 separate emails from the InTime system.

The Main Menu:

  • Timesheet menu that provides access to authorise timesheets

  • View previously approved timesheets

  • Expense approvals or rejections

  • The profile menu provides access to your user profile where you can update your contact details and change you system preferences.

Approving Timesheets:

There are 2 ways to approve timesheets:

  • Bulk approval: tick each item listed that you want to approve, enter your password and then click approve. All of your selected items will now be approved.

  • Individual approval:  approve each timesheet individually. Click the timesheet ID number of the timesheet you would like to view, enter your password (at the bottom) and click either Approve or Reject.

  • If you select Reject, you will be presented with a new page asking for a reason for the rejection. This reason will be sent back to the Contractor so they can act accordingly.

Approved Timesheets/Expenses:

Once you have approved these, they will be available for review in the Approved area, which can be accessed by clicking “Approved” from the “Timesheet or Expenses” menu. This will provide a list of all the items that you have approved. Clicking on the ID of the item will open it fully providing more details.


If you need to find a timesheet or expense item, you can use the Search feature from the Timesheet or Expenses menu. Once clicked, you will be presented with a search form, where you can specify various date, placement or timesheet criteria to find a specific timesheet or expense item.

Viewing Worker(s)

To access the list of your workers, simply click on 'Workers' in the Profile menu. You will be presented with a list of all workers assigned to you.

Viewing Placements:

You can view the current placements of your workers via 'Placements' in the Profiles menu. Clicking on this option will provide you a list of all active placements that you are responsible for. You can obtain more information relating to the placement by clicking on the name of the placement.

This will show details such as the agency, worker, manager and consultant associated with the placement as well as any reference codes, start and finish dates, job description and holiday entitlements.


  • Draft: A draft timesheet is one that a worker has created, saved but not yet submitted. There are no draft expenses.

  • Submitted: A submitted timesheet or expense is one that a worked has created and submitted for your approval. Submitted timesheets and expenses cannot be modified.

  • Approved: An approved timesheet or expenses is one that you have approved for payment.

  • Rejected: A rejected timesheet or expense is one that has been rejected by you. This is usually because of incorrect hours and expense lines. You should provide a comment as to why the timesheet or expenses was rejected. Once rejected, the timesheet becomes a draft for editing and resubmitting. Expenses can be edited via the expense rejection menu option.


 Please don't hesitate to call our Accounts Team if you need further help on

01332 287713 or by email at