Contractor Support

7th Sep 2011

Syntax recently hosted a special event for its contractors in recognition of the sterling work they have done for client businesses over the past 12 months.
IT , technical and engineering contractors were invited to a night out as one of several contractor initiatives that Syntax is introducing to enhance and improve working relationships with this talented group of individuals.

Feedback from contractors included:
“Syntax is an agency where people know what they are talking about and care about not just the client but also through contracting through them.”

Syntax’s Amber Hall said:
“One of our focuses for the coming year will be to provide a market-leading contractor experience. We want our contractors to genuinely enjoy working for Syntax, and know that they are a valued part of our organisation.  Also, by working at the sharp end of our business, contractors are effectively ambassadors for Syntax at client sites and it is therefore vital that they know more about our company and our working ethos.  Further contractor initiatives planned in 2011 include improved contractor on-boarding packs, improved and increased communication with existing, former and potential contractors, and increased site visits by Syntax account managers."