Recruitment Pressures

22nd Sep 2011

Technical skills, particularly in IT software development, are in unprecedented demand with opportunities in danger of outweighing candidates.  Since the beginning of January, there has been a huge increase in the number of businesses looking for permanent technical staff, particularly with .net skills and the situation is likely to deepen as the year progresses.

Syntax’s Managing Director Roger Frost said:

“Businesses who rely on technical skills within their workforce potentially face a three-fold threat in 2011.

There is already a shortage of qualified technical staff in the IT; engineering and technology industries which will be further aggravated by a cap on the migration of non EU workers into the UK.

Our survey of candidates has revealed that 60% are looking to move jobs next year and the biggest incentive is higher salaries which will become more keenly felt as inflation and cost of living rises.

Furthermore, the oil and gas industries are planning major expansion next year and are looking for new staff technical skills from a wider industry base – further increasing the upward pressure on salaries and potentially affecting businesses who need qualified technical staff to survive and grow in these continuing challenging times.

The good news is that, as the regional specialist in IT and technical recruitment, we are well placed to find the right candidate for the right job.  However, it is crucial that businesses do not stall their recruitment plans and, if they decide on a candidate, to progress the appointment quickly, before they are offered alternative employment."