Virtualisation Tackles Business Pressures

21st Oct 2011

In today’s challenging economic climate, businesses are under constant pressure to reduce costs while improving the overall operational efficiency.  In short, businesses are being asked to “do more, for less”.

Virtualisation is tackling these business pressures head on.  

Businesses are now looking for high availability of network services, business continuity and the reduction of power and cooling costs in the form of Server, Desktop and Application virtualisation.

There are a number of benefits:
•    It saves money by consolidating and reducing the number of servers you have to run
•    It gets better use from hardware by utilising up to 80% of capacity from the standard 15%
•    It reduces system administration work by reducing the amount of servers to support
•    It’s great for the environment by reducing energy costs by up to 80%

Syntax has seen a huge demand in the delivery of virtualisation consultants over the last 12 months and can only see this growing throughout 2011 and beyond.

Syntax Virtualisation Practice Manager, Chris Beck explained:

“The two technologies that have really been at the forefront of this demand are VMware and Citrix.

We’re seeing growing needs for operational support, deployment and administration, and architecture and consultancy skills across the V and XEN product sets.  

The benefits of virtualisation can be met across all markets, and we’ve seen significant growth into the Retail, Finance, Government, Telecommunications and Utilities sectors.

Through our "Syntax Associates" model, we’ve seen our client’s confidence grow in utilising our services to deliver their virtualisation projects.  

We supply consultants that have worked for us previously on virtualisation projects and who come fully referenced and background checked.

We also verify virtualisation technical certifications directly from Citrix and VMware.  We don’t know of any other recruitment supplier in the UK providing this in-depth level of quality checks.

Our teams 55 years’ experience means we consistently provide our customers significant up-front cost savings in comparison to their existing suppliers by providing consultants at true market value."

For more information on how Syntax can help deliver your virtualisation requirements, please contact Chris Beck on 01332 287720 or email