Digital Producers in Demand

27th Oct 2011

With increased demand for Digital Producers within the international marketing industry, Azra Akhtar, Syntax’s Digital Recruitment Specialist outlines key skills and attributes required for professionals with these highly sought after skills.

“There has been a significant rise in the number of permanent positions for Digital Producers and, as marketing budgets are seeing an upturn, agencies and in-house marketing departments are looking for more permanent staff rather than opting for freelancers.

Their role is becoming increasingly evident as the range of digital options available within marketing campaign continues to broaden.

Although Digital Producers’ backgrounds are varied and diverse, their core skills are that campaigns can be delivered on time and on budget, although their roles are still open to interpretation across the marketing industry.

The key is matching a Producer’s skills with the scope of the work that is required – combining technical and creative skills to the actual requirements of the company or the client’s work. 

Our clients are looking for core skills in leading and managing digital projects from concept and scoping through to delivery, including experience of wireframes, project planning and site mapping. Producers also need to understand budget management, and the creative and production process.

Increasingly, agencies are looking for people with breadth. That means client-facing experience and understanding of integrated campaigns that span mobile, social networks and hand held devices, sometimes coupled with an understanding of how on and offline can work together.
To cross over all those areas, we look for passionate, curious people who are already engaged and interested in the digital space.

Experience is important, but sometimes talent and hunger to learn are key. Producers have a really tough job, and tenacity and the ability to keep a cool head is invaluable.

It sounds obvious, but there is a real shortage of people in the space who really understand, and have experience with, large web projects. There is still a skills gap in this area which has never been closed. Client's budgets for production resource are generally decreasing as the economic squeeze continues. In contrast, the skills and expectations of expert digital producers remain at a premium.