2012 Technology Prediction

3rd Jan 2012


Syntax 2012 Technology Prediction

Google and Microsoft will strongly challenge Apple’s lead in the IT mobile market.

The adoption of new mobile technologies is continuing at an unprecedented rate. According to research from IDG Connect 32% of IT and 33% of vendor survey respondents report, their organisations are already purchasing tablets for employees. Although exciting, the new technologies are evolving rapidly and unlike the desktop market; the battle to become the standard is far from over. When deciding which platforms to support, IT administrators face the challenge of balancing current market share and capabilities against long-term potential.

Weaknesses will be fixed over time, and administrators will have to manage the devices that will be chosen by the majority of their end users. While Apple iOS is leading the way, Google Android’s high ranking is a reflection of where the market will head as its sales increase and capabilities improve. And let’s not forget Microsoft, who still remain a strong contender. Given the rapid explosion of popularity in the mobile and apps worlds, the stakes in this market are particularly high.

Although Blackberry had a great run from its first-to-market advantage in the smart phone market, that run is now declining. Microsoft is no doubt feeling the pressure to gain a dominant position, as mobile devices and tablets pose a real threat to the now-legacy PC era upon which Windows was built. Apple’s innovation and Google’s mass appeal and open Android architecture only serve to raise the stakes.

Jeremy Gibson, Director, commented; “Following the emergence of iPhones, businesses were swift to rollout these smartphones to increase staff productivity. Since the launch of tablet devices, businesses and IT departments have been unsure how to handle the rollout of such devices. However, over the last few months we have seen a major increase in customers rolling our tablets to sales staff, to engineers and other business users. What’s more, even where businesses have not done so, many employees have taken it upon themselves to purchase their own personal tablet devices so they can also use them for their own business purposes. What is certain is, that 2012 will be a big year for tablets and for mobile application development.

Syntax are already experiencing an increase in demand for mobile apps developers and we expect this to continue over the coming year."