Investing in Customer Service

1st Jun 2012

Investing in Customer Service

Following on from Syntax’s increased marketing efforts in 2010 and 2011, we noticed an opening in the organisation that saw the need for a person who would solely manage relationships both internal and external. With this in mind, at the beginning of the year we created a strategy to improve our customer satisfaction here at Syntax, to both solidify our current relationships and help create new ones.

Sarah Wells took on the role of Customer Experience Manager has worked within the recruitment function of the business for over six years; she is certainly well suited to take on this particular role! Her experience of dealing with our clients helps to understand the voice of the customer and also the recruiter. Sarah is a great sounding board between the two.

We saw the need to find out what our clients and candidates actually thought of the experience they received from us. We launched customer satisfaction surveys in March 2012. Each month those candidates who have interviewed for us and applied for roles via our website are mailed a survey which measures their experience and interaction with our recruiters. We also issue a client survey every 3 months which ensures that the level of service they are receiving does not falter.

With the results of these surveys we have been able to make the necessary changes to our website and internal processes to increase the level of service we offer to clients and candidates alike.

Click here to read the latest set of results.

We are very pleased with our first set of results, however there is always room for improvement! We are currently undergoing a number of initiatives to improve the overall customer experience. Please check back next month for the latest results.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome. Please contact Sarah Wells, Customer Experience Manager,