The War for Talent rages on – how are you going to secure the best talent?

10th Jul 2013

According to the latest KPMG and REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) report, the UK is seeing some very positive movements in the latest recruitment figures:

  • The demand for staff is at its strongest in three years.
  • The UK has seen its strongest increase in temporary billings in seven months.
  • Permanent placements reached a 26 month high in June.

“The latest figures reveal permanent placements enjoying their highest growth rates for over two years and temporary roles being filled at the quickest pace since Christmas. Perhaps the sun has finally come out to shine on the jobs markets and economy at large. Employers seem to think so. Many have stepped up their search for staff with demand for staff accelerating to a three year high. Confidence is even beginning to show itself with employers prepared to increase [the] salaries they offer to new employees,” said Bernard Brown, Partner and Head of Business Services at KPMG.

“The war for talent in growth sectors is driving starting salaries to increase at the fastest pace in two years,” said Kevin Green, REC chief executive

Areas of key temporary skills in short supply were; engineering, customer services, advertising, and IT programmers.


Roger Frost, Managing Director of Syntax Recruitment commented: “We have seen first hand how the “war for talent” has been growing ever more intense over the last few months. Companies who are successful at winning the war are the ones who are shortening their hiring time so they can quickly secure the best people before their competitors do”.

“The companies who fail to attract the best candidates, are the ones who take too long to recruit. This is true whether it be temporary or permanent recruitment”.


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