How do you keep your Contractors motivated, dedicated, and focused?

1st Aug 2013

How do you keep your Contractors motivated, dedicated, and focused???

Answer – offer them more job security!


The Recruitment Market  is firing up. Syntax Consultancy are seeing the start of a huge surge in the demand for highly skilled Contractors with skills ranging from .Net Development, Project Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Testing.

Once you have found the best Contractor for your project, how do you ensure that vital knowledge is retained?

When you employ Contractors with niche skills, they are always in demand by your competitors!

By their very nature, Contractors are used to moving jobs, are quick to adapt, and quick to fit into new routines.

However, when their initial contract term starts to draw to close, Contractors naturally begin to wonder – where is the next job coming from? They start to plan, and start to look for the next role.

When a contract is only extended for another month or less, 88% of contractors we surveyed would start to look for another role that

offered them a longer term.

 The job security and job satisfaction worry can start to creep in, and they admitted that their mind wouldn’t be as focused on the job in hand.


79% of Contractors who had been offered a 1 month extension, said that they would give notice to their current role as soon as a role with a longer term was secured.


So how do you keep your contractors motivated, dedicated, and focused?

Offer them a longer term extension.



83% of Contractors we surveyed said they would accept an extension of 3 months of more, and would be satisfied

with that length of extension to stop them looking for another role.



Roger Frost, Managing Director of Syntax Consultancy said;

“We were seeing more and more clients extend Contractors for only 1 month at a time, and they were then surprised and were left pretty exposed when that Contractor handed in their notice after finding something else with a longer term and therefore more job security”

“Our advice to clients now is when you know you still need the Contractors skills – don’t take the chance – offer them a decent extension before they are snapped up elsewhere! “


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