Jonathan Hodgkinson

Sales Director

  • I joined Syntax in May 2012 as a New Business Sales Executive within Syntax’s IT Services division.
  • I am proud to say I am Sales Director and General Manager for Syntax Consultancy and work with both IT Services and Recruitment.
  • As the Sales Director and General Manager for Syntax Consultancy, I have overall responsibility for the business development including operations, business performance and customer experience. I work closely with both the commercial and delivery teams ensuring customer requests and opportunities are handled with the highest of quality, whilst also managing my personal accounts.
  • My goal is to maintain Syntax’s high-quality IT and Recruitment services that has been developed over years of hard work and dedication, and grow the business to develop further opportunities and capabilities to support our customers better.
  • Out of all of the values Syntax has, empathy is my favourite. With any recruitment role or IT services project, having empathy for the customer and gathering a true understanding of the problem we are trying to solving for them, enables Syntax to support better and delivery what customers need first time.
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